terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012

Africa, Jesus loves you and me too!

          You know, it's morning here in Brazil, and I lost track of time when I stopped by to watch some youtube videos of the African people doing worship to the Lord Jesus! Suddenly I found myself in a state of nostalgia quite good and made ​​me want to cry, to sing and jump for joy.

           People of God, blessed that we go ahead, who smiles when he goes to the house of the Lord, and dancing with all your soul, praise infects the inside.

           Wake up Brazil! Awake to life! For a little to thank God for everything we have, because there are people out there with little or almost nothing, praising God with much more strength and sincerity!

          Our Father who art in heaven, bless my African brothers have learned to love with all my heart. Since we all have the answer for Brazilian Full Gospel Church, will be together with you in prayer, fighting against all evil, because together we are invincible in Christ Jesus.

          Soon God willing, I want to be juntinho you to sing and dance with all the beautiful people in one voice: AKEKHO OFANA NOJESU ...................... I love you Africa.

                                 ...............Cristiane Marine Missionary ....................

                                             Igreja Brasileira do Evangelho Pleno

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